Saturday, January 15, 2022

Here's the latest on my upcoming June 2022 Love Inspired Historical release. The cover, of course! So beautifully designed by the artists at Harlequin. 

Then a link to the trailer designed by Shannon Redmon!  Book Trailer for Finding her Frontier Family

Here's the story: Helping a little girl could give her the family she needs.

Tasked with escorting her late cousin's daughter to New Mexico Territory, spinster Viola Brinson intends to bring Lavinia to her father's ranch and immediately return to the city. But after one look at the living conditions, she's hesitant to leave the little girl with Robert Mattson. When Viola settles in to clean the place and make sure he can safely care for his daughter, Robert is determined to keep his distance. His heart was broken by a society woman once before—and he won't make the same mistake twice. But Viola surprises him at every turn. Might she be exactly what his family needs?

Last, a link where you can pre-order this book I had so much fun writing. 


  1. Your story sounds very interesting and I would love to finish reading the rest of it. For me I would pick just an ordinary guy. From your blog post on Donna S.

  2. Viola sounds like a sweet, compassionate young woman. It seems like she is exactly what Robert and Lavinia need. Thank you for a chance to win a copy.

  3. I loved the trailer. Thank you for sharing this wonderful chance. Blessings

  4. I enjoyed watching the trailer. Finding Her Frontier Home is the kind of book that delights me.

  5. Love the trailer Sounds like a great book!

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